“Ollerton Miners Welfare Rap” ft The Yorkshire Rapper

yorkshire rapper myspace


Words and music by Richard Lilley

I’m a miner just like me dad and there’s a rhyme that miners rap
from pit tip t’ pit top – you can hear it in cage when we do hip hop
some people say we look out of place – breakdancing on pit face
well they don’t know shift from shaft – Ollerton Miners Welfare rap

there’s nowt quite like Friday night gooin t’ Welfare, drinking 96 pints
eyeing up lasses dancin round handbags – swapping filthy jokes with the lads
leanin on bar and sayin something like -“Shoulda seen bird I were wi last night
gorgeous, bloody gorgeous and way she moved an wriggled about
It were almost as if she were conscious”

I said up, get on up. I said up, get on up – like a sex machine our lass
I said up, get on up. I said up, get on up – do Ollerton Miners Welfare rap

leave Welfare, closing time goo t’ chippy, start a fight
on the way I’m sometimes sick -you might say I can’t take my drink
no, makin room f’ me chips
makin room f’ me chips
makin room f’ me chips

you laughin at me being sick – wanna make somethin of it like
felt nowt, felt nowt – cause I’m hard, well fuckin hard
I’m so hard an entire pit head fell down on me head
I didn’t even know till I were told by me dad – Ollerton Miners Welfare rap

after eating me chips and avein a fight I goo ome t’ kick shit out me wife
I got in once she had a black eye already I said “ere, you knocking off somebody”
I could’ve hit her I was so mad – I would’ve but someone already had
so I kicked the fuck out me two little lads – Ollerton Miners Welfare rap

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