Pavarotti died from cancer
Freddie Mercury died from A.I.D.S.
Bernard Manning kidney failure
the Queen Mother old age

now theres not many things you can be sure of
in this unsure world of ours
but there’s one thing you can rely on
something that won’t let you down

and it’s called death – lovely lovely death
Sweet death – lovely lovely death

now Steve Irwin got stung by a stingray
John Lennon homicide
Princess Di died in a car crash
Kirk Cobain suicide

so when that old Grim Reaper comes and taps you on the shoulder
and says “come on down”
just pack up a grin say “how ya been”
and sing this happy song

a song called death – lovely lovely death
sweet death – lovely lovely death

so live for today forget tomorrow
who knows when it’s going to end
there might be a dark shadowy figure
lurking round the bend

and it’s called death

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