“Bitch” Ft Johnny Favorite

johnnyfavorite CD cover

NEWS – Johnny Favorite backstory update 



Johnny Favorite had long lived in the shadow of his legendary Las Vegas crooner father Jackie (The Man with the Golden Voice) Favorite, for years writing, arranging and producing his fathers’ music, while privately grooming his own talent.

Amid the publicity of his famous fathers’ inevitable death he approached record companies with his work securing him a multi million pound contract. He looked like his father, he sounded like his father, and he even wrote music like his father.

Weeks before writing and recording his debut album however he discovered his wife was having an affair with her tennis coach and went through a subsequent swift messy divorce leading to his nervous breakdown. Unfortunately as part of the record deal all artistic control for the new album had been left with Johnny, in his fragile mental state this proved to be disastrous.

It still had the lightweight tunes and easy listening melodies the fans of his father had come to love but lyrically Johnny had gone to very dark place indeed. Hateful, bitter, and more misogynistic than one of Jim Davidson’s stag night bookings.

The album was titled “Want Do You Mean You Sorta Kinda Fucked Him” and revealed in all its shocking glory to record company executives with Johnny performing the opening track “Bitch” live at the pre launch party. Contractually bound to release the album, it was met with all round criticism, the music press sarcastically coining the phrase “The man who writes the songs that make the young girls cry”


It was while walking in the park
I met the girl who first stole my heart
I said “Hello it’s been a while”
Our eyes met and she smiled

You know I’ve thought a lot about you
This past day or two
I never said the words I should have said to you
So I’ll sing them in this song

You little bitch
You slept with all of my friends
You worthless shit
You openly laughed when we had sex

Well I burnt the tie you gave me
Wiped my bottom on the picture of you
And I went to the tree where we carved our names
Chainsawed the bastard in two

You make me sick bitch
Took my home and most of my income
You are the pits bitch
Denied me all access to the children

Well I hope you die of cancer
Or something just as bad
And if you got raped and had a miscarriage
I would have a good laugh

Don’t miss a trick bitch
Didn’t keep the secrets I told you
Think you’re so slick bitch
Spreading rumours that I used to beat you

Well I wish you’d have a horrific car crash
Find yourself crippled for life
You become depressed and addicted to drugs
Commit suicide

But don’t make a mess